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Palanga, Klaipėda, Juodkrantė, Nida

The Seaside of Lithuania

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Even though Lithuania is a northern country, it does not mean that traveling to the Lithuanian seaside is not worthy. There you will find a beautiful golden beach stretching for 90 kilometers along the Baltic sea, and the Curonian Spit (lit. Kuršių Nerija) – an outstanding peninsula formed by massive rolling sand dunes, including the Parnidis Dune in Nida, which attracts a high number of tourists to enjoy the view, as dunes make the peninsula look like a Lithuanian Sahara.

What is more, the Curonian Spit is even inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of its unique landscape and history. Yet, not only the dunes but also the most popular resort towns – Nida, Juodkrantė, Pervalka, and Preila – are worth seeing and visiting. Moreover, on this trip you will have an opportunity to explore the Lithuanian port city Klaipėda, to visit the Amber Museum in Palanga, and to dive into the water of the Baltic sea.

Thus, during this two-days trip you will definitely make some pleasant memories, take fantastic photographs of the landscape of the Curonian Spit, and, of course, bring some sand in your backpack… Or, of course,  some amber!

The guided tour

During the guided tour of Klaipėda professional guides will tell you the history of the city, including its foundation and the way it has become a modern and popular port city.
Also, Klaipėda is a city known as one of the best places to experience nightlife in Lithuania. Visiting authentic pubs and nightclubs and exploring of the Old Town will let you feel the way of living in Lithuania.

The Palanga Amber Museum

The Palanga Amber Museum is established in the manor of the count Tiškevičius and is surrounded by the Palanga Botanical Gardens. The museum has a huge collection of unique pieces of amber; for example, you will see amber pieces that contain trapped spiders, insects, or plants. Also, the museum houses one of the biggest ambers in Europe; it is known as the Sun Stone.
Visiting the museum is a perfect opportunity to explore the heritage that is more than 40 million years old, and take a glimpse into the magnificent Tiškevičiai manor house.


Nida is the largest settlement on the Lithuanian peninsula called the Curonian Spit. The town is a former old-fashioned fishing village with small wooden cottages and white-sand beaches. One of the things that makes Nida popular is the most impressive dune known as the Parnidis Dune. Interestingly, massive dunes and white sand surroundings have given Nida a different name; it is also called the Lithuanian Sahara.
Moreover, on the way to Nida, we will stop in a small town of Juodkrantė to visit the mysterious Hill of Witches. There you will find a variety of sculptures of devils and witches surrounded by numerous myths and legends.

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  • Transportation
  • 1 night in a hostel
  • Guided tour in Klaipėda
  • Free entry to a night club
  • Ferry tickets
  • Tour leader
  • Palanga Amber Museum visit + guide (3€ per person)
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