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Krakow, Warsaw, Wieliczka salt mine, Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial

Poland trip

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Get ready for a five-days trip, as you will need this time to explore the most interesting places in Poland! This is a great opportunity to visit the charming and colorful Old Town of Warsaw, historical Krakow, and the mysterious Wieliczka Salt Mine. The trip starts with a visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, where you will have an unforgettable experience. Afterwards you will visit the spectacular city of Krakow, which is famous for its medieval atmosphere and well-preserved historical heritage. Yet, not also will you enjoy the landscape of the city but also you will be invited to experience some nightlife in Krakow, so get ready for the so-called Power Hour.

Also, you will have a chance to see Warsaw from an architectural point of view, as there is a huge diversity of architectural styles varying in buildings all around the capital of Poland, and, thus, reflecting a rich past of the city.

Yet, Warsaw is famous not only for its rich past but also for its restaurants and entertainment venues. And the last but not least, you will be invited to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine! There you will put yourself in a miner’s shoes, and dark, hidden tunnels and salty air will become part of your day for a while.

Guided Warsaw city tour (included)

Duration 2 h. Includes: Local guide service.

During the guided tour of  Warsaw a knowledgeable local guide will tell you interesting stories about this wonderful city, which has a turbulent history represented in a diversity of architecture in the city. Walking along the streets and listening to the stories about people who used to live there will give you a unique glimpse of  the past.

Guided Krakow city tour (included)

Duration 2,5 h. Includes: Local guide service.

Professional guides in Krakow will answer all your questions about this historical city as well as show you the most popular  venues like the Jewish Quarter and the beautiful Main Square in the Old Town.

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum (not included, 30€)

Duration 7 h. Includes: Transportation, entry ticket, local guide service, 

The AuschwitzBirkenau Memorial and Museum is the former German nazi concentration and extermination camp, where professional guides will  reveal you some historical facts about cruel times during the World War II.

A day trip to the „Wieliczka” salt Mine (not included 25€)

Duration 5 h. Includes: Transportation, entry ticket, work clothes, a headlamp and specialised equipment, local guide service, 

The „Wieliczka” salt Mine is one of the most-visited tourist attractions in Poland, and it is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. During the expedition to the Miner’s Route  you will experience a real adventure while walking through the hidden tunnels and being surrounded by  salty air.

The Power Hour Club crawl (not included, 15€)

Duration 4 h. Includes: 1 hour of unlimited beer, vodka, rum mixers at the first bar, 1 welcome shot upon at every club, drinking games, local drinking guide service, a professional photographer

One more attraction, called the Power Hour, will be organised for you in one of the largest student cities in Poland – Krakow. During the Power Hour you will have a chance to try various beverages within one hour!  And later on you will visit well-rated nightclubs together with tour leaders.

Escape room Lost Souls Alley (not included, 10€)

Duration 20-30 min. Includes: Entry ticket

For the bravest ones and horror movies fans – the escape room Lost Souls Alley – is Poland’s first interactive museum devoted to the basic instinct of fear. Based on horror movies and thrillers, is a challenging escape room with the biggest human fears in front of their eyes. Entire floor with various haunted rooms, with hints and puzzles how to escape the Lost Souls Alley.

Copernicus Science Centre (not included, 10€)

Duration 3,5 h. Includes: Transportation, entry ticket

Over 450 interactive exhibits that enable you to carry out experiments and discover the laws of science for yourself. This museum leads you to the magnificent and attractive word of science and instead of boring theory, it brings you hundreds of experimental materials. This interactive science institute attracts millions of people every year, is the largest this type of institute in Poland and one of the most advanced in Europe.

DAY 1 – Wednesday

We will start our tour to Poland from Vilnius in the evening. Quick meeting games and tour guide’s welcoming in the bus will begin our trip. Later on, cozy talks with your neighbors and bus cinema will wait for you on the way to Krakow.


DAY 2 – Thursday (Poland time zone)
After the night ride with the first sunlight, we will reach Krakow. Our day in Krakow will start with the tasty and healthy buffet breakfast (not included). The place where we will stop for the breakfast offers various type of food – meat, eggs, cottage cheese, freshly baked bread and plenty of desserts and other food choices. After breakfast, we will go straight to the walking tour of Krakow. A professional guide will show you the most interesting spots of this magnificent city. After the tour we will reach our hostel and you will have time to rest, eat lunch or enjoy your free time at the city. Later on an optional activity for the bravest ones – escape room Lost Souls Alley. Even it seems like a long exciting day, we will have one more activity for you – before midnight the strongest party people will have an opportunity to join the night out Krakow style and explore this city and its best bars by night.


DAY 3–Friday
Good breakfast at the hostel and morning talks will start our day. This day will be concentrated on Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration camp visiting (optional activity), other tourists will have a free day to explore Krakow on their own. After the guided tour in Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, we will go back to Krakow in the evening. Few hours to rest and we will start our power hour and club crawling tour (optional activity).


DAY 4 – Saturday
Breakfast at the hostel and the perfect time to reveal some stories after the last night’s club crawling. After the breakfast, we will check out from the hostel and leave all luggage at the bus. Optional activity – Wieliczka Salt mine will take place and for others – more time to explore Krakow. With the future miners, we will leave Krakow and reach Wieliczka town where we have a guided tour deep down in the salt mines. After the guided tour, lunch and free time we will go back to Krakow to pick up all the rest of backpackers. When all of the travelers will be on the bus we say goodbye to Krakow and our drive will begin (with a lunch break on the way) to the capital city of Poland – Warsaw. Later on the evening – check in at the hostel in Warsaw and free time to get to know this capital city.


DAY 5–Sunday
The first morning in Warsaw will start with the buffet breakfast near our hostel (not included, optional). After breakfast, we will check out from our hostel and leave luggage on the bus. Later, prepare your foot for a lovely walk with a professional local guide and interesting stories about Warsaw. When the tour ends you will have time to explore downtown of Warsaw or to go to Copernicus Science Centre museum visitors to explore one of the most interesting science centers in Europe. After the 3,5 hour of experimenting in the science center, we will pick you up to the city center. Couple of hours of free time there and we will meet in the bus for night ride back to Vilnius.

DAY 5–Monday
Few hours after midnight (in the early morning) we will reach Vilnius. With warm hugs and happy sleepy faces, we will end our tour.

The Backpackers LT keeps the right to change the order of the activities mentioned in the program above

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  • Transportation
  • 2x nights in a hostel in Krakow
  • 1x night in a hostel in Warsaw
  • 2x continental breakfast
  • Guided tour in Krakow
  • Guided tour in Warsaw
  • Tour leader
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial
  • "Wieliczka" Salt Mine
  • Club Crawling
  • Escape room Lost Souls Alley
  • Copernicus Science Centre
  • A buffet breakfast in Krakow
  • A buffet breakfast in Warsaw
  • Towel rental
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